Our translation rates are the same for all texts regardless of language combination or subject matter. Invoicing is based on the number of characters in the text, unless otherwise specified. To guarantee high quality, our translations are language-checked by a qualified native speaker of the target language and proofing of the text in the final layout is also included at request.

Additional services, such as language checking external texts or editing, are invoiced by the hour.

Interpreting is usually invoiced using a standard daily fee per interpreter, unless otherwise specified.


Translated page of 1560 characters (26 rows with 60 characters excluding spaces) 56 €
Minimum fee 64 €

Daily fee/interpreter 720 €
+ agency fee for interpreter teams of more than one interpreter 360 €
and any expenses incurred for travel and accommodation etc.

Language checking of customers' texts and other text-related services
Invoiced by the hour at 64 €/hour.

The prices above are net prices and subject to VAT at 24% where applicable.